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The Lawnman Services is Ireland’s leading provider of lawn care services enabling customers to enjoy lush green beautiful lawns.

Our aim us to provide our customers a high quality Lawn Care service using the most up to date materials at value for money prices that will enhance the landscape of your home and quality of life.

Your lawn is one of the most important parts of your home. The job of creating a perfect lawn can be intensive and complicated. Treating it yourself, with DIY products can be expensive and more often than not can cause problems due to inaccurate application.

All lawns need a helping hand whether the problem is moss, weeds, disease, pests or even just poor quality growth. It all needs attention.

There is a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment to be had from looking out onto a well kept lawn free of weeds and moss. But achieving the dream can be tricky and time consuming. That’s why The Lawnman Services is here to help you create the perfect lawn.

The Lawnman Services offers a reasonably-priced, specialist lawn care service treating customers’ lawns with a bespoke feed and weed compound and grass seed. To achieve a deep-green, weed-free lawn, most lawns should be fed four times a year using a quality fertiliser product and weed or moss control