Our Services

Our Annual Lawn Treatment Programme is finely balanced to ensure your lawn gets the right treatment at the right time, throughout the year.

Spring Treatment

Our polygreen fertilizer is applied to the lawn, this provides early season nutrients to kick start the grass plant to give it a nice even colour. After winter, moss will probably be evident in the lawn so we will treat for it as well. A low temperature activated weed killer will be applied if necessary.


Early summer treamtment

Our Non scorch slow release Spring and Summer Fertiliser is applied. This encourages a deep green thick sward. We will also spray the lawn with a selective weed control that will clean your lawn of many of the weeds that have developed.


Summer Treatment

This treatment will see us applying a very important application of our summer lawn fertiliser which contains our non scorch slow release granules. It does not need watering in and will help to maintain the strong green colour in the lawn. We also target those more difficult to control troublesome weeds at this visit.


Autumn Treatment

 At this visit we apply our special autumn fertiliser. This unique formula slowly releases nutrients into the soil to sustain a healthy grass plant and prepare for the winter ahead. We also check for pest problems example Leather jackets and treat accordingly.


Winter Treatment

Irelands weather climate in winter tends to be mild and wet nowadays which are perfect for moss and diseases. If moss and disease are evident we treat accordingly as well as applying a winter feed to strengthen the grass plant until spring comes around.


Additional Services


Over the course of a year, dead roots, grass clipping, leaves and other organic matter all increase the layer of thatch which forms at the base of the grass stems. As this mat increases in density, it prevents important nutrients, as well as water and air, from reaching the root zone. It also provides a perfect environment for moss to flourish.

To treat moss, The Lawnman addresses the cause of the moss, and to this end will remove the surface thatch on which the moss is growing.

Scarification is the mechanical process of removing surface thatch from a lawn.

Scarification should not be confused with lawn raking using either a spring tine rake or an electric machine with hook line tines. Rakes and domestic machines are relatively good at removing dead moss, but they have little or no effect on surface thatch.


Hollow tine aeration is the process of taking small plugs from the lawn, which is the best way of easing compaction and sub-surface thatch, allowing air, water and fertilizer penetration to the root zone, this is particularly effective at the beginning and end of the growing season.
Aeration can also help the lawn through drought stress conditions, enabling water retention in the crucial root zone.

Why does my lawn need aerating?

Overtime most soil will become compacted, squashing the particles together and reducing the grasses ability to grow well. This compaction will itself cause a number of problems, it will increase the likely hood of the lawn becoming flooded or water logged. Compacted sols are much more likely infested with either weeds such as daisy’s or moss. The roots are unable to access the nutrient they require so the grass tends to be thin weak and pale in compacted soils.
If thatch is a problem in a lawn then the best way to reduce its impact on the turf growth is by Hollow tine aeration.

How often does my lawn aerating?

A lawn can not e over aerated as long as it is not damaged, the more often the better. As a rule the Lawn Man tends to suggest that it is carried out between every 1 and 3 years but as all soil types, lawns and situations are different it is really something that needs to be discussed individually with your Lawn Man.


Price Guidelines

The first step is to contact us and arrange one of our representatives to call out and survey your lawn, where we will identify the problems , measure your lawn, discuss the programme with you and give you a quote. (There is no charge for us to do the lawn survey).

The price of each treatment wil depend on the size of your lawn . If your lawn is 120 sq. meters or less it will cost €40 per treatment. Over 120 sq meters the price will vary depending on its size e.g.e if your lawn is 200 s.q. meters it will cost €50 per treatment.

Prices are very cost effective for us to treat your lawn and get it back to that glorious green colour you desire your lawn to be. Contact us at 046-9431015 or info@mylawn.ie to arrange your free lawn survey.